The Meaning of The Wave Ring

The waves represent hope, the hope that nurtures life. The sea is blue, life comes from the sea, blue gives people a rebirth.

The sea wave ring represents both a free spirited character and a positive attitude towards life, as well as the spirit of never giving up and moving forward in the face of difficulties.

What is the wave ?

Waves usually refer to wind-generated waves in the ocean. They mainly include wind waves, swell waves and oceanic offshore waves. Under different wind speed, wind direction and topographic conditions, the size of waves varies greatly, usually with a period of fractions of seconds to tens of seconds, wavelengths of tens of centimeters to hundreds of meters, and wave heights of a few centimeters to more than 20 meters, and in rare terrain, wave heights of up to 30 meters or more.

Types of waves

  • Wind waves: It is the water surface fluctuation produced under the direct action of wind.
  • Surge wave: It is the wave that exists down after the wind stops or in the area of sudden change of wind speed and direction and the wave that passes out of the wind area.
  • Inshore wave: It is the wave that is transmitted from the wind wave or surge wave of the outer sea to the coast nearby and changes the nature of fluctuation by the topography.

The meaning of the wave ring

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The waves are not just a sight to behold, but also a symbol of peace and tranquility. The sea not only represents sunshine and beauty, but also blooms like a flower in a variety of forms. In summer it shows people is open and tolerant, let people feel a little bit of cool. In winter it presents people with greatness and will, so that people can draw valuable spirit.

People often use the ebb and flow of the waves and continuous, one wave pushing another wave to compare the image of human beings or the advance of life, it can inspire human beings, even it is philosophical.

This is exactly the meaning of the ring of waves.

Woolf’s “The Waves

Woolf's "The Waves

The Waves is a masterpiece from the peak of the creative power of the famous British stream of consciousness, Woolf. It has attracted much attention for its original and unique artistic form and beautiful poetic features. As the core of thematic imagery and symbolism, the waves are rich in meaning and are used throughout the text.

Japanese ukiyo-e sea waves

The name “Kanagawa Surf Lane” foreshadows the three important elements of the picture: Mount Fuji, big waves, and boats. The harmony between man and nature, which Japanese philosophy seeks, is all there in one painting.

The picture captures the moment of the rough waves of the sea. The curve of the wave is depicted as an arc in the composition, making Mount Fuji the center of this arc. The splash of waves from the tip of the wave is like snow falling on Mount Fuji.

In the midst of the surging waves, two boats are moving forward, and in the distance is the ‘diminutive’ Mount Fuji. This is almost the whole picture presented to us.

However, deeper into the feeling, the atmosphere of tension, intensity and unrest has long been on the paper. The artist has adopted a different approach by intentionally keeping the point of view very low. The main object is highlighted, the waves, which occupy the majority of the picture.

The heroic fishermen and the boats, who are in a thrilling and fierce struggle with nature for survival, are completely placed in the belly of the wave, seemingly becoming part of it. The whistling of the waves and the tranquility of Mount Fuji in the distance form a strong contrast between motion and stillness, and the expression of the waves adds to the tense atmosphere of the picture.

The sleep-aiding effect of sea wave

One reason why a person gets sleepy is because it is time for the biological clock to sleep, another is because he is too tired, and another is because he is too relaxed. When people are overly relaxed, the brain will be in a semi-dormant state, and people will be drowsy.

The sound of the waves has a sense of rhythm, and sometimes slow and sometimes rapid, so that people are easy to follow the wavering rhythm and immerse themselves in the situation. And then more and more relaxed themselves.

The sound of the sea belongs to nature, the sea’s vast and wide, so that people feel small. After that, you will slowly relax and relax again. If you can’t master it, just listen to the sound of the ocean and you will soon know what the concept of relaxation is.

Best surfing spots

Gold Coast, Australia; Kuta Beach, Bali; Côte d’Azur, France; Tahiti, Polynesia; Manly Beach, Northern Sydney; Big Wave Bay, Saigon Peninsula, New Territories; Manu Bay, Waikato Region, New Zealand; Bleecker Beach, San Diego, California, USA; Bells Beach, Great Ocean Road, Australia; Byron Bay, South Wales.

Most beautiful waves

Saudi Arabia Red Sea waves, Indian Ocean Maldives waves, Portugal Atlantic waves, Hawaii Pacific waves, Italy Mediterranean waves, Greece Rhodes Mediterranean waves, Pacific Bora Bora waves, Dominican Republic Atlantic waves, Mexico Acapulco Pacific waves, Canada Vancouver waves.

Wave in costume

The sea wave is a traditional Chinese pattern, often decorated on the hem of ancient dragon robes and official uniforms. At the lower end of the pattern, there are many curved lines arranged diagonally with many waves of tumbling water.

The waves are usually embroidered with auspicious patterns such as colorful clouds, bats, and twelve chapters between the dragon patterns. Colorful cloud pattern is the dragon robe on the indispensable decorative patterns, both to show the auspicious signs and play a supporting role. Red bat pattern that red bat, its pronunciation and “Hongfu” the same, is also a common decorative pattern on the dragon robe.

In the hem of the dragon robe is arranged to represent the curve of the deep sea, here is called the water foot. The feet are decorated with waves and rocks. This symbolizes the blessing of the mountains and the longevity of the sea, and also implies the meaning of “unification of the rivers and mountains” and “peace for all generations”.

Sea wave tattoo

Sea wave tattoos have always been a very popular tattoo material, representing freedom, bravery and strength. Sea wave tattoos originated from the cultures of islanders living in the Pacific Rim, for whom the ocean is sacred and provides sustenance. Drawing a wave tattoo was a way to represent their respect for the ocean. Initially a simple single line design, as tattoo techniques developed, sea wave tattoos became complex and elaborate and quickly spread to other inland areas, becoming very popular tattoo material.

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