Impression of The Wave

I like the sea in Pattaya, I like the sea in Qinhuangdao, I like the sea in Venice.

Pattaya in winter is so hot. When you step on that land, you will start thinking about a lot of things. When I was in middle school, I learned that Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate. However, it is only a knowledge point, and the concept is not very clear. It was not until I felt this winter scorching heat that I felt that things were mysterious. Imagine the crowd in this tropical city, without having to pay attention to climate changes, just waiting for the alternation of rain and rain, it is probably a different taste.

If choosing a wave ring suitable for Pattaya, the thin gold wavy stacking ring is the most suitable.

The sea in Pattaya is calm and warm. Looking back on the sea now, he looks like a gentle middle-aged man. Coconut groves, fine sand and floats, crab, beer and mango. Sometimes fresh and sometimes sweet smell in the air. Adjacent to a long and narrow street, on the side of the street are clear windows. The windows were half open, and even the wind was lazy. This sea is like this, leisurely, as if it can wrap the years in sunlight and waves.

The sea of Qinhuangdao was in spring when I saw it. I don’t know if it’s the influence of the season or the hard work of the city, but the sea in Qinhuangdao is younger. The color of the reef is deep, and the color of the solid soil after the tide washes back and forth, often showing a solid and tenacious texture. The waves are powerful, perhaps the power given by the Pacific Ocean, like the palm of a young man.

The ups and downs of the wave promise ring, like its personality.

Next to the sea is a big stage, and at night there will be bright lights and band performances. Playing the electric guitar facing the sea is so cool. Human voices and human waves melt into the sound and waves of the sea, and at this time, I want to embrace the vastness of the sea more and more. Later, I thought that the sea where the flowers bloomed in spring should not be the sea of Qinhuangdao. The waves wanted to find a touch of leisure, but the sea here was quite vigorous.

The sea in Venice is a maiden. The color of the sea can be so light.

The colorful boats coming and going, the gondolas like long hats, the bold pigeons on the beach. Vibrant and enthusiastic, then start asking yourself. Ah is the sea really our mother? Is it the origin of living creatures? Is it the sanctuary where the sirens and sea gods gather? No, she is clearly the playful, watery little girl I am chasing but have not yet caught up with.

If you like the waves of Venice, you might as well choose the beach wave ring.

Irregular Ocean Wave Ring

The swimsuit is a light pink, swim goggles of the powder is a little thicker, holding a white swim cap in his hand, walking on the road to the sea. The day is already a little cloudy, the clouds are getting darker and darker, one layer over the other, slowly pressing down. Dad said to go again tomorrow, but the heart is insisted on an hour can not wait.

The wind is fast moving, the sun is sinking, the sea is like millions of strands of long black hair flying around, curling up, collapsing down, the temper is great. At that moment, the seaside has long been no pedestrians, and will not even think about the sea, think about what the sea, only possible to think of Gorky. The sea swallow, can grow a little heart, take me away, the sea is too crazy.

Before people left the coast, the lightning came, followed by thunder. Fortunately, there was only Dad around, if Mom was also in, that a lecture will not be missing, said not to let you have to come this afternoon, this day to see a what the sea. Definitely yes. The sea in Qingdao is the same as Mom’s temper.

The next day into the sunny sea. But also not smooth, how no matter how to swim, the sea are handed water to drink it. The whole nose choked red, look at the wave after wave, as if in arrogantly show off, the pool and he is a little brother than the same.

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