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Surfing is an extreme sport powered by waves. It can make people forget their troubles and experience the thrill of fighting and galloping on the waves again and again. That’s why every day around the world there are many people looking for the perfect surf spot. Just to complete a perfect chase with the waves. So where are the best places to surf in the world? This article lists the top ten most beautiful surfing spots in the world, including Australia’s Gold Coast, Waikiki Beach, Bondi Beach, etc. Please see the detailed introduction below.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a town famous for its sandy beaches and lighthouses, located in the bay in the northeastern corner of New South Wales, Australia. Byron Bay is a paradise for a new era of Australian tourism, known for its long surfing beach lines, iconic lighthouses, lush rainforests and colourful inhabitants.

70 kilometers north of Byron Bay is the prestigious Gold Coast of Queensland. Byron Bay is 800 kilometers from Sydney. Known as a new era paradise, Byron Bay has long surfing beach lines, iconic lighthouses, and lush rainforests.

Bells Beach

Bells Beach, a beach near the Great Ocean Road, Australia. Every year during Easter. The annual grand Rip Curl Pro World Surfing Championship will be held here. Surfers from all over the world gather here, presenting a high-level competition for surfers and travelers from all over the world. At other times, like other beaches along the Great Ocean Road, it’s calm and laid back, a great place to unwind.

Break Beach

Break Beach is located in San Diego, California, United States. The name comes from a family living by the sea, and it is a well-known celestial beach. It is also the largest naturist beach in California, surrounded by high cliffs and famous for surfing and swimming. The waves of the beach are very suitable for surfing, making it a paradise for surfers.

Every day, someone will come to challenge, keep the excitement to yourself, and bring joy to the sea. But it should be noted that sometimes the waves will be surprisingly tumbling and fierce, and the surfing at this time is only suitable for experienced surfers.

Manu Bay

Manu Bay is located west of Hamilton in the Waikato region of New Zealand. It is one of the most famous surfing spots in the world, famous worldwide for the movie “Endless Summer” filmed here in 1966. It has attracted the attention of the world, in addition, the movie “The Last Paradise” was filmed here in 2010.

Manu Bay is world-famous for its Left-Hand Break, where you can enjoy the longest and most ferocious left-hand waves in the world. Raging waves attract surfers from all over the world, and it is known as one of the top ten surfing areas in the world.

Big Wave Ba

Big Wave Bay is a large bay in Hong Kong, located in the eastern part of the Sai Kung Peninsula in the New Territories. Facing the South China Sea, it is mainly composed of four bays, Xiwan, Ham Tin Bay, Dawan and Dongwan. Together with the peaks in the northern part of Big Wave Bay, Anaconda Snake Point, they are collectively known as “One Point and Four Bays”. It is also known as one of the “Four Wonders of Hong Kong”. Big Wave Bay is a great place for windsurfing.

The sea here is open and the wind is strong, so that a wide sandy beach and many small bays are formed. Big Wave Bay is an excellent beach tourist destination, where the beach is wide, the sand is soft, the sea water is clean, and the waves are rough, which are unmatched by other beaches.

Manly Beach

Manly Beach is located in the north of Sydney and is a popular beach in Sydney. No matter what time of the year, the beach is always crowded with people. People say that Manly Beach has a lot to offer in spring, summer, autumn and winter. On one side of Manly Beach is the famous surfing beach on the Pacific Ocean, and on the other side is the tranquil inner bay. It is the better beach world and a popular place for swimming, windsurfing, hang gliding, diving, kayaking, surfing and scuba diving.


Tahiti, translated as Tahiti by RTHK, is the largest island in the Windward Islands of French Polynesia, located in the South Pacific. It is warm in all seasons and rich in products. The inhabitants call themselves “God’s people”, while foreigners consider it “the closest place to heaven”. Tahiti is a volcanic island with black sandy beaches along the coast, suitable for surfing and sailing, and popular for deep sea fishing. In the high winds and waves, there are water spouting caves, where the water gushes out from the caves in the rocks when the waves are lapping at the shore, making it an amazing sight

French Côte d’Azur

The French Côte d’Azur is located on the Mediterranean coast of southern France. It stretches from Toulon in the west, through Nice, Cannes and Monaco, to the French border with Italy in the east. It is famous for its brilliant sunshine, blue coast and pleasant climate. The Côte d’Azur region, also known as the Riviera, is the collective name of the French Alpes-Maritimes and the Principality of Monaco. The region’s unique geographical position allows for two very different landscapes, with the sea and the mountains coexisting. The French blue coastline is 115 kilometers long.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is known as the beautiful coast of Bali. The beach is flat, with white and fine sand, and is a paradise for surfing and skateboarding. There is a lively shopping street near here, with various traditional Balinese handicrafts and gorgeous national costumes on display. And there are also large department stores to buy all kinds of goods. It used to be just a small village between Batang and Bukit Bonin Sura, but now it has become a bustling tourist destination. The two ends of Kuta’s crescent-shaped bay are great for water play and beginner surfers, while in the middle section it is a playground for those more expert surfers. This is why it attracts not only world-renowned surfers, but also young thrill-seekers.

Australia’s Gold Coast

Australia’s Gold Coast is located in the middle of Australia’s eastern coast, south of Brisbane. It consists of a section of about 42 kilometers long, more than 10 consecutive arrangements of high-quality sandy beaches, named Wr the gold color of the beach. The climate is pleasant, with plenty of sunshine and treacherous waves. Suitable for surfing and water skiing, it is a surfing paradise and a key tourist resort in Queensland. Gold Coast is not an adjective, but a noun. Located just half an hour from Brisbane, which hosted the World Expo, it offers easy access to the bustle of the city, yet retains an undisturbed calm.

Wave Ring

The wave ring is a ring designed in the shape of an ocean wave. With the lines and movement of surfing.

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